Best 1200 Fitness Fitbit Clock Faces

for all Versa, Sense models

Top 1200 Fitness Fitbit Smart Watch Clock Faces

for all Versa 4 - 3 & 2 or Sense 4 & 2 or Iconic models

  over 1200 clock Faces by Fiveones - all packages contains multiple background images

Package 1





Exclusive offer

$ 20

  • For Fitbit
  • Smart Watches
  • Versa3
  • Versa4
  • Sense
  • Sense4

Package 2





Exclusive offer

$ 20

  • For Fitbit

  • Smart Watches
  • Versa
  • Versa2
  • Versa Lite
  • Iconic

Cutting Edge Options within these Clockfaces or your moneyback guaranteed!

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V3s = Stands for Versa 3 or Sense smart watches

V4s = Stands for Versa 4 or Sense smart watches


Our clockfaces are somewhat special in that you can change the background images for your smartwatch by just touching a certain place on your smartwatch (by tapping on the upper left corner of the smartwatch screen will change your background image).


This package stores all Clockfaces images on your smartwatch for easy switching of background picture (switches image in less than 1 second).


Switch Clock Face between AM - PM time or 24 hour Military time

through fitbit app.


All clock faces displays steps, calories, distance, activity-time,

power percentage, heart-rate, time, date.


To change steps, calories, distance, activity-time or any other activity on your smartwatch just touch screen activity area with your fingertip on any activity ICON. By just touching the smartwatches screen activity area will rotate to the next activity ICON.


To change the text colors (time, date, steps, calories, distance & activity-time or analog clockface hands), is accomplished from your phone or digital device and through using your fitbit app. 


Each clockface package will have a minimum of 9 clockface background images and a maximum of 45 clockface background images. All background images are rotatable from the clockface screen with your fingertip. All changing of clockface background images are random within your package.


All clockfaces displays battery power data and heart rate data.


Analog clockfaces will have hands and some will have both analog and digital readouts.


All clockfaces will have a one blank image for extreme sunlight areas (just rotate random images until you find the blank background image).